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Yesterday, I complained that I was supposed to call a company in the afternoon after already dealing with their shenanigans for a while, to check up on an order that I never received a confirmation for.

I didn’t get a chance to, but lo and behold! This morning, my order came in! All correct!

Sometimes, you just got to let things sit for one day.

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I Just, I Can’t.

So, for my receptionist job, I’m actually paid through a staffing company.
On Friday, I received a call from one of the ladies there, asking for my timesheet early (because of today’s holiday). This has been common practice around holidays: they call here, ask me to send it in to get direct deposit, if not I have to pick up my check later. It’s not a big deal for me if it’s not directly put in—the office isn’t far, and I don’t mind driving to CapOne to put in in my account.
What has confused me is they say, Oh, we emailed you to remind you about the upcoming holiday. I always say, I didn’t receive that email. ALWAYS. I honestly haven’t received an email from them in months, since the main contact I had left due to family stuff.

Anyway, I got a call today, saying that they needed my timesheet. I told them I sent it in on Friday, after so&so called me. This woman then was like, well, I emailed you last week about it. I said, nope, didn’t get any emails. I then asked her where she sent it to. And it was the wrong email, of course.
This wouldn’t be a big deal, if I hadn’t been dealing with this for months. Seriously, I’ve been with you guys since July.
Also, my email is on every timesheet I send in. EVERY. WEEK. It’s right there, at the top.
And it’s not a hard email. [firstname].[lastname]@gmail.com. That’s it.

So, because of their ineptness, I haven’t been receiving my online notices of payment. Which, while I don’t really mind because CapOne has their crap together and sends me notifications of deposits made, makes me wary of who has been getting them.

I just, I hate when people don’t follow through when a problem is first discovered.

I also have to call a company later that is just as inept for my job. Not looking forward to that.

Why don’t people have common sense


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Things have been weird.

In short, I was spending A LOT of time reading my tumblr blogs, and it was just a drain on my life. I needed to get away.

So, this summer, I did a lot of reading, searching for jobs, and enjoying my days off (which I had more of, because I was no longer subbing).

In late July, I started as a full-time job as a receptionist at a construction company, and in August, I completely quit my shoe store job. I miss the people I worked with, and the discounts, but that’s about it.

I’ve been doing a lot of genealogy stuff, and found out I’m related to some pretty cool people, like the entirety of English royalty. No, I’m not kidding. While it’s not close enough to really mean anything, I can totally still claim it, and use it as a conversation piece.

I also started a blog elsewhere. Mainly one that if future employers find it, it’s okay.

So, I do have an ulterior motive of updating. NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. If you’re doing it as well, and have an acct on the website, look me up. My username is the same. I need all the accountabili-buddies I can get!

Hope all is well with you all, and good luck with NaNoWriMo!
(P.S., if you don’t know what the hell NaNoWriMo is, look it up! It’s super awesome.)

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“Why should we care about women’s representation in video games?”

“Nobody is going to want a female protagonist!

“Their target audience isn’t big enough to warrant any games!”

“Women aren’t as capable as men, they don’t belong in video games!”

“If more women started playing video games, maybe then they’d have a say in the matter!”

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A Few Updates

So, mainly I’ve been reblogging stuff, and not really posting anything of my own. So, here’s what been going on:

  • Work—it’s work, you know. Subbing is fun, but it makes me want my own classroom, to be in there all the time, to actually know the students.
    One of my retail jobs hasn’t need me in almost two months. Seriously. So there’s less money, but peace of mind.
    The other retail job can be summed up in three words:

    I just don’t understand. No one likes to be treated like crap at their job, so why must you do that to me? I see your daggers when I can’t tell you we don’t have what you want in stock and we’ll have to order it. I can’t make it come out of my ass; get over it. Just because I’m here in a basic entry-level retail job doesn’t me I don’t deserve respect.
  • Job Hunt—There are SO MANY APPLICATIONS I have to fill out. It’s insane. And there’s a few jobs I’m looking at intensely. I want you , open high school position literally down the road from me. I want you bad. Right on my business card.
  • Hair—I’ve had the urge to change the do. Dye it dark dark brown, dye it reddish brown, cut fringe bangs, cut sweep bangs, layer it, cut it long pixie, cut it bob length…the ideas are endlessly swirling around in my head.
  • Writing—I want to do more of it. But I don’t have the motivation. or the ideas. BLERGH.

That is all.

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